The kando principle of MEP and Engineering

What does kando stand for? The kando-principle represents a solution oriented cooperation. We love challenges that require a high degree of competence, focus and expertise. Almost everything is doable. It’s all about finding a way.

*kando is inspired by the expression “can-do attitude”: If you have a can-do way of dealing with a task, you are very positive about your ability to achieve success.” (Cambridge English Dictionary). We could not have said it better.

Stiehm Ingenieurplanung GmbH, now called kando Ingenieure GmbH, celebrated its 20th birthday on January 1st, 2020. From day one, founder Torsten Stiehm has taken his company from one successful project to the next. And it’s not only buildings that represent the strength of the firm. kando is also one of the few owner-managed companies that consciously invests into developing its leadership practices.

It’s all about Quality.

We hold a certification of the standard of quality ↗︎Planer am Bau, TÜV Rheinland. We are motivated by far higher measures of quality than just the conventional quality standards. For us, quality is work in progress. By now we are running our own quality management system, the kando-QMS. Beyond the standardized criteria it contains core characteristics from the areas of communication, leadership, human resources, team building, mediation and handling errors. In 2019, our Chief Operating Officer Yvonne even won an award for her work on kando’s extended quality management: ↗︎Förderpreis DGA Bau

Our approach on a day to day basis.

We allow ourselves to envision cooperation beyond the standard package of an engineering business. In particular when it comes to connecting with people. We are strong in all matters of acceptance, respect and cooperation. This is where we recognize core resources like motivation, creativity and partnership as a basis for our can-do approach.

This is why we start only once all participants agree on quality, deliverables and individual expectations.


We apply enlightened leadership principles in our business. This is why we have a high awareness when we communicate. We want to make our processes transparent for all participants and have therefore developed clearly defined processes with clients, employees and partners.

Furthermore, we apply comprehensible and transparent steps in developing our employees and in our team building, training and personal growth culture. The fact that we incorporate professional methods of conflict prevention and mediation wherever appropriate works in support of quality leadership. Simply put: whoever works with us will be in good hands.

kando principles

◎ Respect for the values and goals of each employee and client is a given.

◎ We envision more than one solution for a problem. This way we integrate the needs and interests of all participants.

◎ We develop our strengths, resources and potential with each client.

◎ We encourage the development of social skills.

◎ We offer a structured framework for the prevention of conflict, conflict resolution and mediation.

◎ The change of perspective and alternative thinking are mental tools which we use in full awareness. This way we generate individual solutions for individual challenges.

◎ We are not just interested in professional competence. We also talk about the individual and emotional expectations of our clients and employees.

◎ We have an open culture of acceptance and learning. This way, mistakes turn into teaching moments for all of us.

◎ We agree on quality standards with all participants.

◎ The basis of our work is clearly defined goals.

◎ We live creativity and initiative day by day.

◎ We work in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.

◎ We implement training and coaching for our executives, putting into action what we learn.

◎ Consistent feedback is an important resource for growth.

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